Get Involved


Though the 2013 election is over, the United to End Homelessness coalition is continuing its effort to promote proven solutions to homelessness. We’re meeting with NYC’s citywide elected leaders, City Council members, and government officials to advocate for the ideas within our platform and briefing bookWe urge you to get involved in any way you can. You can distribute our briefing book to your City Council member, share our message via social media, and learn more about other advocacy campaigns.

Get involved as an individual

If you are an individual and not affiliated with a group, you can still be a part of our campaign! New Yorkers are loud — help us spread our message!

Every like, retweet, or print-out will help us attract the attention of New York City’s policymakers and elected officials. If you believe that homelessness is an issue that must be addressed by NYC’s new Administration and City Council, we urge you to join us and be part of the solution!

Support Other Housing and Homelessness Campaigns

United to End Homelessness is just one of several campaigns highlighting the issues of homelessness and low-income housing. Below, you’ll find information on how you can support efforts from ANHD, Housing First, and Real Rent Reform. Follow the links to endorse their platforms and attend their events.

  • The Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development (ANHD) is advocating for bold steps to revolutionize how municipal power is used to  produce and preserve affordable housing through its “Our City, Our Homes” campaign. Visit ANHD’s website to read the campaign’s “Rent Affordability” report and platform. For more information, call or email Erika at 212-747-1117 ex. 14 or
  • Housing First is a campaign to address the affordable housing crisis in New York City and State. The coalition strives to increase the supply of decent, affordable housing available to low- and moderate-income people. Visit Housing First’s website to get on the coalition’s email list and learn more.
  • Real Rent Reform (R-3) strives to preserve existing affordable housing, particularly private rental housing, through strong rent- and eviction-protection legislation in New York. The organization is currently working on campaign finance reform measures. Visit R-3′s website to download its legislative platform, or call the organization at 212-979-6238 ex. 201.