United to End Homelessness was formed in late 2012 by a cross section of homeless and housing advocates, providers, and faith leaders. Our goal was simple: to advocate in a unified voice during the 2013 campaign season for real solutions to the crisis of homelessness. We are a non-partisan and action-oriented group. Our coalition was spearheaded by the following organizations:

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Though the election has ended, our coalition remains united to inform homelessness policy in New York City.  During the campaign we released two major publications: our  policy platform outlining our solutions and the comprehensive briefing book detailing how these proven policies and programs will work to end homelessness in NYC.   We are now in the process of meeting with citywide elected leaders, City Council members, and government officials to share our ideas and advocate for their implementation.

These publications offer dozens of concrete proposals to reduce the number of homeless men and women on our streets. We drew on the expertise of more than 40 organizations across NYC to craft these policy recommendations. We are committed to both seeing these proposals implemented and acting as a resource for NYC’s new Mayor and City Council on issues related to homelessness and affordable housing.

New York City has historically been a leader in innovative policies and programs – like permanent supportive housing and targeted affordable housing – to reduce the homeless population. We believe that our new elected officials recognize the immensity of the crisis at hand. Homelessness has never been higher in New York City. United to End Homelessness channels the expertise of its myriad members to offer solutions to our current record levels of homelessness.

If you believe that homelessness is an issue that must be addressed by the Mayor, City Council, and other citywide elected officials, we urge you to:

Share our platform

Please consider sharing our platform on Facebook, Twitter, at your meetings, and at other events. Every sign-on gives us greater leverage as a coalition to raise awareness and enact change. Visit this page to print or share our platform. We also urge you to share our policy briefing book, A Roadmap to Ending Homelessness, which offers great detail on the exact steps needed to end homelessness in NYC.

We are particularly appreciative of supporters who share these documents with their City Council members.

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Give us feedback

Email us at unitedtoendhomelessnessNYC@hsunited.org or send mail to the following address:

United to End Homelessness
c/o HSU
446 West 33 Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Special thanks

Our coalition would like to thank the following individuals for their efforts:

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